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Instructions for Printing Membership Cards

Sanctioned shows are generally held in April, June, August, and September.   The Prize List provides the deadlines for mailed and hand carried entries for each show.  Please be aware of the following: If you have changed address, phone number, cell phone, email address, or anything else on the entry form from the previous year, let us know by attaching a note with the changes to the entry. If you have changed the horse’s name or owner, attach the new owner’s paperwork or horse’s paperwork with your entry.  Make sure you fill out ALL required fields, and ensure all the required signatures are on the entry form. We also require copies of all the membership cards.  Below are the instructions to obtain the appropriate forms.

  1. Renew USEF, USDF and ASDS if applicable

  2. Go to

  3. Under membership, click on USDF/USEF Master Verification.  This will take you to the website

  4. Click on Print verification

  5. Select an affiliate

  6. Click on USDF. Enter horse’s name or number

  7. Click on Search

  8. Highlight both USDF and USEF owner

  9. Repeat steps for Rider

  10. Click on Print

  11. Print page that provides verification for Horse, rider and owner

  12. Tape your ASDS card to bottom of form.

  13. Make enough copies for all the shows you plan to enter.

Show Entry Forms (info)

No one should be late to file the show entry forms.  The Prize List contains instructions for form completion, submission dates for each of the shows, and also delineates the requirements for competitor/horse membership in ASDS, USEF, and USDF.  Please refer to the Prize List to ensure your entry forms are properly completed and submitted on time. There is a fine for improperly completed and/or late forms.




USEF Annual Competing Membership – $80

Show Pass Fee –  $45

Drugs & Medications Fee – $15

Annual Horse Recording – $95

Lifetime Horse Recording –  $300

Horse Transfer Fee – $50

Competition Fees - For every horse participating in any competition licensed by the Federation, a $23 Federation fee will be collected ($15 of this shall be an Equine Drugs and Medication fee to provide for research, inspections, and enforcement of rules.), inspection, and enforcement.

Looking for Potential Sponsors

ASDS is looking for your support through sponsorship. Your sponsorship will allow us to continue as an organization to provide shows in Hawaii that riders can be nationally ranked in, which we otherwise wouldn't be able to do. Sponsorship is $25 a class and tax deductible. The sponsor will be announced for each class and promoted throughout the show. We look forward to hearing from you and truly appreciate all your help and support! For more details please read the Sponsor Request Letter.

Protocol and Rules Updates

Drug Rules Understood

Equine sports are subject to drug rules and drug testing; Dressage and Eventing are no exception. Both horses and human athletes are subject to drug restrictions. In the US and Canada, rules governing drug administration are written and enforced by FEI, USEF, AQHA, Equine Canada, and some state organizations. The rules can be discipline specific or breed specific.

The rules can seem complicated - this article will try to help increase your awareness and help you know where to go to get information and help. Read More >

Vesicular Stomatitis USEF Requirements

ASDS will not accept entries of horses from USDA confirmed Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) Affected States.

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