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Below you will find a collection of press coverage on some of our ASDS members. If you are an ASDS member (past or present) that has been noted in the news, please let us know! Email us at

Winter 2015

Dancing with Horses | Generations Hawaii

It's been described as ballet on a horse. Dressage, defined by the international Equestrian Federation, is regarded as "the highest expression of horse training." where "horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements," and also is an Olympic sport. It comes from the French word for training. 

Summer 2006

Horse Power | Generations Hawaii

When Linda Hosoi was a child growing up in Berkeley, California, stories such as My Friend Flicka and The Black Stallion captivated her for hours. At circuses, it was the prancing palaminos that caught her eye - not the clowns, jugglers or trapeze artists. Her parents shared her avid interest in horses, and for many years the annual Grand National Horse Show in San Francisco was a much-anticipated family excursion.

January 10, 2006

Equine Ballet | Honolulu Advertiser

"Dressage is compared to the ballet," said Anna Awana, president of the Aloha State Dressage Society. "... It is a disciplined way of riding to create a oneness between horse and rider." 

January 9, 2006

She's Not Just Horsing Around | Star Bulletin

Suzi Hillis says she has been crazy about horses for as long as she can remember, and by happenstance was able to build a career around that passion. She moved to Hawaii with her parents in 1973 after graduating from Verdugo Hills High School in southern California. 

July 30, 2003

Horse Dancers | Star-Bulletin

With all the focus on Seabiscuit, the champion horse that is now the subject of a feature film and television documentaries, many here are finding Hawaii has its own horse story, and the lack of $12,000 is the only obstacle in the way of getting two young horsewomen from Waimanalo to compete in an Olympic-level international competition in Canada next month.

July 10, 2003

Performing to Perfection | Honolulu Advertiser

Two fingers, two legs. That is the so-called steering wheel used to guide a 1,200-pound horse flawlessly through its dressage movements. A slight twitch of the reins, a mere slip by the rider, and hours of training for five minutes of perfection is lost. It is intense. It is grueling. And it is supposed to look effortless. It is not. 

February 20, 2003

Equestrian Opportunity of a Lifetime | Honolulu Advertiser

When Dana Ishii graduated from Kahuku High School in 2001, she had no idea that destiny would lead her to a job thousands of miles away at the Chateau de Versailles in France. The 19-year-old was one of 10 women accepted last fall into the new Academy of Equestrian Arts, a two-year program in Versailles for riders worldwide. 

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