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Our Beginnings

Our GMO evolved from the Hawaii Combined Training Association (HCTA) which was patterned after the United States Combined Training Association. HCTA was formed in 1964 with Patsy Trevanen as the first President. The club held dressage shows and combined training events. National and internationally rated judges were often invited to adjure the island shows thus insuring the continuing growth of local riders. The 1998 HCTA Omnibus Membership section noted that “Individual membership in the USDF is provided as a free benefit of joining HCTA.” In 1999 HCTA evolved into the Hawaii Dressage and Combined Training Association as interest in dressage became a strong club activity. As land for the cross country phase was continually being rearranged for movie sets, the club membership was no longer able to support the combined training program which is now a Pony Club activity. In 2002 the Aloha State Dressage Association evolved from the HDCTA to focus on dressage. HCTA became a GMO in 1998 with the designation passing on to the HDCTA and ASDS.

Hawaii has seen many talented dressage riders. Many have moved on to successfully compete and train on the mainland. Notably: Allison Brock, Lynn Jendrowski, Pam Jones, Royce Kadooka, Kim Kulesa, Katy Martin, Marie Medosi, Diana, Mukpo, Ampara Visser, Cathy Whitt, Madeleine Woodman, and Taylor Yamamoto. We miss you all!


NAYRC 2003 Montreal. Patricia Silva (Hawaii), Katy Westphal (Kansas), Sarah Christy (Texas), Bree Burgoon (Hawaii), Linda Hosoi (Hawaii coach and team Chef d'Equip)

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