From left to right: Lisa Webster on Vivaldi, Shawn Slocum on Lexus, Martha McDaniel on Mapuana, and Katie Martin on Reni (2014)


ASDS In-Person Shows are Back!

USDF/USEF recognized shows will be held at Hilltop Ranch as follows:

              Date                                        Judge                                Hand-Carry Deadline

 June 26-27, 2021                Barbi Breen-Gurley                          June 7, 2021

  July 10-11, 2021                  Thomas Poulin                                 June 21, 2021

 August 7-8, 2021                     Brent Hicks                                    July 19, 2021

September 4-5, 2021               Melonie Kessler                           August 16, 2021

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June 2021

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