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Kailua’s Allison Brock will be astride her favorite horse at the Olympics
By Cindy Luis

                When Allison Brock left Hawaii in 1997, she was 17 and as crazy about horses as when she first started riding 10 years earlier.  The goal was to become an International Grand Prix Dressage competitor and trainer, something she knew would require passion, hard work and, of course, the right horse.
                Nearly 20 years later, everything has fallen into place for Brock, who has been named to the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team that will compete next month in Rio de Janeiro.  The 36 year old Kailua High graduate and her closest companion of seven years – Rosevelt, a 14 year old Hanoverian stallion – will continue their preparation in Belgium until flying to Brazil in a few weeks.
                Getting to the Olympics was just part of her dream, Brock said in a telephone call from Belgium.
                “It’s gone hand in hand with my goal of being an International Grand Prix Dressage Competitor and trainer.” Said Brock, part of the Four member dressage team. “I have basically dedicated my life to learning how to ride and train horses at this level.
                “West Europe is the hotbed of the sport and I have lived off an on in Europe-Germany, Sweden, and England—for the past 10 years, training with Olympic and World Equestrian Games competitors.
                “It was a great moment when they told all of us (about making the Olympic team).  I cried when I left the meeting.”
                Brock is the second dressage rider from Hawaii to make the Olympics.  The first was Sandy Pflueger, who competed in the 1984 Los Angeles Games, placing 16th aboard Marco Polo as the U.S. finished sixth.
                The U.S. has never finished higher than third in either team or individual Olympic dressage competition.  Will that change next month?
                “We shall see,” Brock said. “We have a very strong team this year, much stronger than in past years.
                “If things go the way we hope, we could medal, but above a bronze It’s too early to say.  We’re excited to be making this journey.” -Original Clipping from Star Advertiser


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The ASDS Championship Awards Banquet and Silent Auction will be held 

Saturday, November 5, 2016 at the Mid Pac Country Club in Lanikai.  

We can't wait to see you there!

2015 Ryffaraseyn Award

Congratulations to Gianna Sbarbaro for being presented with the 2015 Ryffaraseyn Award at the Hawaii Horse Show Association banquet in January 2016.  Martha McDaniel established this award to focus on non-professional riders less than 18 years old who compete and excel in four disciplines:  One must be in Dressage (Training Level and above).  The others may be: Low Hunter, Non-Pro Rider or Children’s Hunter; Hunter Junior Exhibitor or Amateur Adult Hunter; Western Performance (trail, Western riding, stock horse, pleasure); or Combined Training. 

Great riding, Gianna!

Delegate Changes

Please note that the Dressage Technical  Delegate for the following shows has been changed as follows:

ASDS Show III, June 25, 2016, USEF #317199:  TD changed from Kaye Phaneuf to Victoria Mozykowski        
ASDS Show IV, June 26, 2016, USEF #317201:  TD changed from Kaye Phaneuf to Victoria Mozykowski              
ASDS Show V, August 13, 2016, USEF #317204:  TD changed from Victoria Mozykowski to Kaye Phaneuf       
ASDS Show VI, August 14, 2016, USEF #317205:  TD changed from Victoria Mozykowski to Kaye Phaneuf

Aloha Stat Dressage Society Event


The Aloha State Dressage society is hosting a free family event on Saturday, April 9th and Sunday, April 10th at Maunawilil Farms.

Watch riders from beginning to international competition levels starting at 9:00 am.

Food available for purchase.

NPR interviews our very own Sara Beth Cutter on Dressage in Hawaii

You don’t usually associate Hawai‘i with horses, but they have been in Hawai‘i for a long time. Today we speak with Sara Beth Cutter, a horse enthusiast and dressage trainer, which is a highly skilled style of horseback riding performed in competitions. She and her horse 'Reg' go through their paces with the Aloha State Dressage Society and their first show this year will be April 9 & 10 at Mauna Wili Farms. 

Intro Music: Juste Quelqu’un de Bien by Enzo Enzo
Outro Music: Quiet Corners and Empty Spaces by The Jayhawks

Changes to 2016 ASDS Prize List Competition Entry Due Dates

Due to the Leap Year there have been slight changes to the entry due dates in the 2016 ASDS Prize List for the 2016 ASDS Dressage Competitions.
The correct due dates are as follows:




ASDS Show I, April 9, 2016, USEF #320813 March 18, 2016 4pm, March 21, 2016
ASDS Show II, April 10, 2016, USEF #320814 March 18, 2016 4pm, March 21, 2016
ASDS Show III, June 25, 2016, USEF#317199 June 3, 2016 4pm, June 6, 2016
ASDS Show IV, June 26, 2016, USEF #317201 June 3, 2016 4pm, June 6, 2016
ASDS Show V, August 13, 2016, USEF #317204 July 22, 2016 4pm, July 25, 2016
ASDS Show VI, August 14, 2016, USEF #317205 July 22, 2016 4pm, July 25, 2016
ASDS Show VII, September 10, 2016, USEF #317206 August 19, 2016 4pm, August 22, 2016
ASDS Show VIII, September 11, 2016, USEF #322707 August 19, 2016 4pm, August 22, 2016

Looking for Potential Sponsors

ASDS is looking for your support through sponsorship. Your sponsorship will allow us to continue as an organization to provide shows in Hawaii that riders can be nationally ranked in, which we otherwise wouldn't be able to do. Sponsorship is $25 a class and tax deductable. The sponsor will be announced for each class and promoted throughout the show. We look forward to hearing from you and truly appreciate all your help and support! For more details please read a Letter from Our Treasurer (pdf) >>


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