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ALERT TO COMPETITORS- Take Note of Fee Increases for the 2018 Show Year!!! 2018 USEF Fees

USEF Annual Competing Membership – increased to $80

Show Pass Fee – increased to $45

Drugs & Medications Fee – increased to $15

Annual Horse Recording – increased to $95

Lifetime Horse Recording – increased to $300

Horse Transfer Fee – decreased to $50 Competition Fees For every horse participating in any competition licensed by the Federation, a $23 Federation fee will be collected ($15 of this shall be an Equine Drugs and Medication fee to provide for research, inspections, and enforcement of rules.), inspection, and enforcement

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Updates and Changes to the 2017 ASDS Prize List

ALOHA STATE DRESSAGE SOCIETY (ASDS) V - 317204 : 8/12/2017: Manager: Patricia Donegan,  Secretary: Sally White, Technical Delegate: Brigitte Visser

ALOHA STATE DRESSAGE SOCIETY (ASDS) VI - 317205 : 8/13/2017: Manager: Lisa Akamine,  Secretary: Lisa Akamine, Technical Delegate: Brigitte Visser

ALOHA STATE DRESSAGE SOCIETY (ASDS) VII - 317206 : 9/09/2017: Manager: Suzi Hillis, Secretary: Sally White,Technical Delegate: Brigitte Visser

ALOHA STATE DRESSAGE SOCIETY (ASDS) VIII - 322707 : 9/10/2017: Manager: Lisa Akamine,  Secretary: Lisa Akamine,  Technical Delegate: Brigitte Visser

ASDS Members

The ASDS FUN-draiser Party scheduled for July 1 at Naomi's house is postponed until further notice.  

Please be sure to attend Shows III and IV at Hilltop Equestrian Center on June 24 & 25.


ASDS Members,

To be eligible for ASDS year-end awards, ALL RIDERS OR OWNERS PER HORSE must have completed a minimum of eight hours of volunteer time and turned in their verified form by the end of the last show of the year (September 10, 2017).  At the shows, Volunteer Forms may be turned into the Administrative Tent (Show Secretary or June Isono) at any time once the 8 hours are completed.  If show commitments prevent you from fulfilling volunteer hour requirements, a parent or family member may substitute for volunteer work during the show year.

The following are volunteer opportunities at the shows:  Show Managers, Show Secretaries, Food Booth Sales, First Aid, Ring Crew, Bit Checkers, Announcers, Runners, Scribes, and Scorers.

To volunteer for the June 24 & 25, 2017 shows at Hilltop Equestrian Center, please contact the Show Manager, Naomi Milner, at
The Volunteer Form is located on the ASDS website (VOLUNTEER FORM)


Invitation to All Riders

You are invited to participate in the 2017 Aloha State Dressage Association Show Season. Here is a list of the full show schedule. Hope to see you there! Show Schedule


Your TDF Update: January 2017

Welcome to 2017!  Do you need money for dressage education this year?  Remember that our donors have generously provided funding to support you and your dressage community.  Please check out our website and be sure to let us know if you have any questions about available grants.  And, while you're there, please consider making a donation of your own!

NPR interviews our very own Sara Beth Cutter on Dressage in Hawaii

You don’t usually associate Hawai‘i with horses, but they have been in Hawai‘i for a long time. Today we speak with Sara Beth Cutter, a horse enthusiast and dressage trainer, which is a highly skilled style of horseback riding performed in competitions. She and her horse 'Reg' go through their paces with the Aloha State Dressage Society and their first show this year will be April 9 & 10 at Mauna Wili Farms. 

Intro Music: Juste Quelqu’un de Bien by Enzo Enzo
Outro Music: Quiet Corners and Empty Spaces by The Jayhawks

Looking for Potential Sponsors

ASDS is looking for your support through sponsorship. Your sponsorship will allow us to continue as an organization to provide shows in Hawaii that riders can be nationally ranked in, which we otherwise wouldn't be able to do. Sponsorship is $25 a class and tax deductable. The sponsor will be announced for each class and promoted throughout the show. We look forward to hearing from you and truly appreciate all your help and support! For more details please read a Letter from Our Treasurer (pdf) >>


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